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Air Arms S510 XS TDR Regulated .22


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Hatsan Neutron Star .22


review product provided by Hatsan USA 

FX Crown Continuum .22 Yellow-Jacket


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RTI Arms Prophet (Priest 2 Replacement)

Brocock Concept Lite

Seneca Eagle Claw Lever Action

Daystate Safari

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FX Hybrid Slugs

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Seneca Double Shot 

FX Chronograph

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Edgun Matador r5m .25 by Edgun West

Dual sided forward cycling, tank like construction, AND power & performance all wrapped up in a 27.5" regulated package.  Yikes!


Diana Skyhawk .22 by Diana Airguns

One of the most heavily anticipated arrivals for 2019, the new Skyhawk bullpup by Diana enters in grand style.


Brocock Bantam Sniper HP .22 by Airguns of Arizona

Humble Brocock beginnings quickly turn to championship status.  Learn why here...

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H&N Sport Pellets

H&N Sport pellets in Hann. Muenden, Germany manufactures 95,000,000 pellets per/MONTH.   Want to kno

H&N Sport pellets in Hann. Muenden, Germany manufactures 95,000,000 pellets per/MONTH.   Want to know how?  Watch this!

Rapid Air Weapons

Come with me to Minor Hill, TN and see where Theoben England went... and how they're made today.

Come with me to Minor Hill, TN and see where Theoben England went... and how they're made today,

JSB Diabolo Pellets


JSB Match Diabolo Pellets in Bohumin, Czech Republic push 70 tons of lead per/MONTH  through their facility... wanna see how?  Watch This!

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2019 Pyramyd Air Cup


2019 Airguns of Arizona Extreme Benchrest


2019 Utah Airguns Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge


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aeac's 2018 "most memorable"

Umarex Gauntlet .22


German based Umarex decided the airgun rule book needed a change in 2018 and introduced the industry's first $300 regulated PCP.  At 46" long and 9 lbs ready to go, it's no pigmy but no one can deny this Chinese made airgun's excellent tunability, great accuracy, and solid regulator performance.  Out of the box expect about 65 regged shots at 23 fpe.

FX Wildcat Mk2 .25


Compact, powerful, versatile, and refined come to the tune of $1,300 but with all that Swedish goodness also comes 60 regulated shots at 43 fpe.  But wait, there's more... an interchangeable barrel liner system allows ya to own just one gun and easily change between calibers.  The synthetic stock version is lighter but this one is 9 lbs ready to rock and measures 33.5".  Accuracy is superb and so is anything that moves.

Diana Outlaw .22


German manufacturer Diana wanted in on the reasonably priced regulated PCP action too and partnered with Chinese mega company, Snow Peak Airguns to get it done.  For $500 ya get a sleek beechwood stock, smooth side lever cocking, great accuracy and an engine tuned to 45 regulated shots at 28 fpe.  It weighs just 8 lbs shoot ready and comes in at 41.5"

Hatsan Flash Pup .22


An easy stand out this year, Hatsan's Flash Pup measures a mere 32" long and weighs just 7.9 lbs scoped & aired.  $400 buys ya a simple yet handsome wood stock, buttery cycling & shooting, and 25 shots at 31 fpe.  Accuracy from this Turkish made pup is excellent and if you don't like bullups, check out their carbine.  It's just as good and costs $100 less on account of it's synthetic stock.

Air Arms TX200 .177


Spring guns come in two categories, cheap and expensive.. with the better ones costing about twice as much.  The $630 English made TX200 blew my mind with its fixed barrel, side breech, underlever cocking and superb manners.  At 42.25" and 10.2 lbs as ya see it here, it's not for wimps but its crazy-good trigger, excellent accuracy, and drop-dead gorgeous stock made it memorable indeed.  Expect about 16 fpe and a ton of quality.

Weihrauch HW95 .22


Weihrauch Sport has been in the arms business since before the first World War and they've been making airguns almost as long.  The German made 95 isn't new but it's still as good as any.  $500 gets ya 18 fpe, a slick break barrel action, an incredible Rekord trigger, and excellent accuracy.  Scoped, it weighs 9.2 lbs and it's 43" long.  Quality, fit, and finish are over the top.

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Hard Air Magazine is the best Internet destination for everything airgun related.  This FREE  online magazine is devoted exclusively to airguns and associated products.  Hard Air Magazine covers the whole airgun community and provides visitors with a constantly changing variety of news and airgun test reviews.

Hard Air Magazine (HAM) offers balanced, instructive information to  people purchasing airguns and accessories in an interesting and useful format.  Hard Air Magazine’s rapid news coverage and focus on unbiased airgun test reviews is how we distinguish ourselves.

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AEAC's go-to pellets

JSB Exact King


Dominating world wide shooting competitions as much as it does the hunting scene, the Exact King has become the industry standard for long range accuracy.  Beware of its soft lead however as not all airguns will like them... especially springers.  FX's Smooth Twist  barrels are designed around this load and they do best in the 850-875 fps range.

H&N Sport Baracuda


Also known for it's excellent accuracy and to be a Lothar Walther barrel favorite, the Baracuda offers a harder alloy composition.  This can be beneficial when seeking skull crushing penetration in hunting scenarios as well as with airguns that don't play well with soft lead.

Predator Polymag


I've been able to do a lot of 50 yard ballistic gelatin testing over the past year and nothing on the market penetrates & expands as well as the Polymag.  Some guns shoot it as well as the JSB King but most will group just average with it.  The key to success is keeping velocity down.

JSB Exact King Heavy


As with the King, the King Heavy can also be found winning shooting competitions where big money is on the line.  It's extra heft means that you can turn up the power to buck the wind yet remain under that 925 fps hard deck for the best accuracy.  That extra power is also attractive to hunters trying to reach out to 100 yards and beyond.

H&N Sport Baracuda Hunter


Many don't know this but the Baracuda Hunter will often outperform its big brother the Baracuda.  How or why I couldn't tell ya but they're a must-have permanent fixture for the airgunners arsenal.  Expansion is good, accuracy is often excellent, and their harder alloy makes them a good fit for airguns that chew up the softer stuff.

Predator GTO


Lead free alternatives have become of great importance to youth shooting programs as well as to the conservationist hunter.  I've found the GTO to be crazy accurate out of most every airgun... so long as they don't exceed 925 fps.  The key to their success is a hard alloy composition that's modeled after the JSB King but doesn't deform in transport.  I've had great success with them all the way out to 100 yards but they blow around quite a bit in the lightest of winds.




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Airguns of Arizona

Long known for being the king of the boutique brands and the guys that hand test most everything before it goes out the door, they also host the largest annual airgun international shooting competition in the world - the Extreme Benchrest.  AOA is a global distributor, retailer, and service center.  Omega and Aztec fall under their umbrella.

Utah Airguns

UA is home to the industry's largest indoor multi-level shooting facility and airgun showroom on the planet.  Well known for their custom dips & airgun deco, these guys are the masters of "pimp your airgun."  Utah Airguns is a retail & service facility.

Pyramyd Air

They say Pyramyd carries most anything & everything related to airguns of all kinds & I tend to agree with em'.  They've been around a long time and are considered to be one of the most trusted names in the business.  "Gun Mall" is right.  Pyramyd is a global distributor, retailer, and service center.  They also own the Air Venturi brand & distributorship.

Airgun Depot

Known for their fun & creative YouTube channel dedicated to keeping us airgunners informed & entertained, AGD has a long standing reputable e-commerce business.  They are a retailer only.

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